Hair: 13x4 body wave wig 24" 180% by @asiadanae_


Hair:20" 22" 24"with 18"5x5 closure by @kierrachanel_


Hair: body wave 16" 16" 16" with 14" by @__sincerelytiffany


Hair: 13x6 loose deep wig 22" by @yamilahn_


Hair: water wave 24"24" 24" with 20" by @onlychristi


Hair: 13x6 blonde straight wig 22" by @yungnena


yea yea Middle part is back with straight @celiehair by @biigglexx_

Hair:straight 26 28 28 with 20 frontal

Up close and personal Hair @celiehair by @codenamechanel

Hair: 13x4 loose deep wig 22"

The cutest video link #celiehair in my bio xx by @shantiabooker_

Hair: 13x4 straight wig 20"

A little on a Sunday I love this hair @celiehair. TAG A FRIEND Who needs some #makeup inspo by @thesupermuse

Hair: 360 body wave wig 22"

I love loveee this wig! It came preplucked and ready to go. Added a elastic band and wa-lah!! We in there !! by @neekstheboss

Hair: 13x6 straight wig 18

This @celiehair is Lifeeeee by @janaymickles

Hair: 13x4 body wave wig 24"

Where did I get my hair? @celiehair always by @arie.brianna

Hair: 13x6 ombre straight wig 20"

Curl pattern is bomb ... hair is easy to maintenance by @emilys_ears

Hair: 13x6 blonde body wave wig 18"

Wig Is As Described, I Love It !! Shipping Took 3 Days And It’s Very Good For Beginner Wig Wearers As It Is Pre Plucked. I Highly Recommend This Wig. by @itstammaria

Hair: 360 loose deep wig 24"

@celiehair Red wig tutorial is LIVE!! loving the red wig on me. by @glamwithsuzan

Hair: 13x6 red straight wig 24"

Happiness is a choice, choose wisely. by @livldnnn

Hair: 13x6 blonde bob wig 12"

No Filter Pooh 13x6 lace deep curly unit from me, also colored jet black LACE PERFECTION! by @ohhveraa

Hair: 13x6 loose deep wig 20"

All I want is intensity and consistency.And my hair @celiehair by @quinrogers__

Hair: 13x4 loose deep wig 20"

this wig is actually really good. it’s soft and light. easy to maintain. the curls are nice and i like the length of it. it’s beautiful and i get a lot of good compliments about it. so yes recommend by @kimmm.kaiii

Hair: 360 water wave wig 20"

try ash blonde dark roots@celiehair blonde bob wig 10inch by @ohhthatsmo

Hair: 13x6 blonde straight bob wig 10"

clear skin & positive vibes ALL 2019’ by @yeahitsbrie

Hair: 13x4 water wave wig 20"

This hair is amazing, really soft and the hairline looks natural!! So no need for extra plucking. Plus I got my hair in less than 4 days. by @jenessa.___

Hair: 13x6 blonde straight bob wig 10"

@celiehair 250% Density Brazilian straight 24in Wig by @jarrytheworst

Hair: 13x4 straight wig 24"

I love this hair it came in 3 days ,this is my second time ordering from celiehair, the hair is very soft and full, I've had this hair installed for a couple of days and it’s still soft ,I haven’t flat ironed it yet and I love it ,the lady help guided me through my process of receiving my hair and I love the customer service I’ll be ordering again soon by @carmenlunarose

Hair: blonde straight 20" 22" 24" with 20"

look outfit & perfect with my coloring by @makeuptiffanyj

Hair: 13x6 blonde straiht wig 22"

Now this is my FAVORITE HAIR Hair deets: @celiehair deep wave 18 20 20 with 16 closure by @tiafabolouslife

Hair: deep wave 18" 20" 20" with 16"closure

Such a cutie curly bob wig 10inch by @vanesaaa_oj

Hair: curly bob wig 10"

@celiehair 13x6 deep parting lace front wig 26inch by @saywhatyae

Hair: 13x6 straight wig 26"

Look at our face and skin. Black girl magic Fasho by @sincerely.a___

Hair: body wave 24" 24" 26" with 20"

Wavy vibes with @celiehair Brazilian body wave in its natural state. 13x4 lace front wig. Use my code to save. by @yourfacemyhand_

Hair: 13x4 body wave wig 22"

Got this 22 inch lace front wig from @celiehair all i can say is wow I'm in love. by @irish_vi

Hair: 13x4 straight wig 22"

pretty hair with pretty dress @celiehair 13x4 straight lace front wig 22inch by @younglilashh

Hair: 13x4 straight wig 22"

Love this hair soooo much, the texture is amazing and it’s very full. I think I’ve found my favorite store. Love the communication w my seller as well. Very convenient and reliable. by @lov3_jenn

Hair: straight 26" 26" 28" with 20"closure

Feeling this color ? I know I am. Click the link in my bio to find out how I achieved this bomb color using @celiehair by @glowup.essencials

Hair: 13x6 body wave wig 18"

I smile so much...for my hair... @celiehair by @yungnena

Hair: 360 deep wave wig 22"

We know that the life needs some color, so does the hair, isn't it? Blonde body wave lace front wig 18inch by @emilys_ears

Hair: 13x6 loose deep wig 24"

Lace frontal sew in on this high school senior !!! She has a 12” frontal and a 18, 16” bundles from @celiehair by @touchedbyjama

Hair: body wave 16" 18" 18" with 12" frontal

I Wish That I Could Have s This Moment For Life !
Hair —- @celiehair by @zeexonline

Hair: 13x6 loose deep wig 24"

The hair quality was great, very little shedding and was easy to work with.Looks effortlessly beautiful without doing too much. Received the hair super fast less than 4 days of placing my order and great customer service. by @scootah._

Hair: blonde straight 20" 20" 22" with 20"

All I asked was you to show me love 360 deep wave lace wig 20inch by @iamhafsarose

Hair: 360 deep wave wig 20"

The hair feels and looks really nice. It also will last you a long time. This is not lazy everyday hair. Since the hair is curly it requires some maintenance and moisture. The shedding is also very minimal. The hair came really fast and the seller was really nice.This will definitely be my go to curly hair by @snimhlongo

Hair: curly 26" 28" 28" 28" with 20"

Young classy Bihh Hair : @celiehair body wavy lace wig by @onlychristi

Hair: 13x6 body wave wig 26"

Got to keep growing and glowing by @yeahitsbrie

Hair: 13x4 loose deep wig 22"

back to curly thank you @celiehair by @vicky_vee_jonas

Hair: 360 kinky curly wig 22"

I absolutely love this hair. It’s super soft and it doesn’t shed. Love love love this hair. by @arielfitz.patrick

Hair: 13x4 body wave wig 24"

Bomb ass 360 lace wig from @celiehair I am loving these curls as much as I am! by @roxybennett_

Hair: 360 loose deep wig 24"

Very rare selfies but jet black straight hair is such a mood Hair: @celiehair by @kierrachanel_

Hair: full lace wig straight 24"

Go and check out my latest video on this look@celiehair by @onlychristi

Hair: 13x6 body wave wig 24"

Bold blues - spotted in the 10” Bob! @celiehair by @shakirajonay

Hair: straight bob wig 10"

Sweet Like Candy @celiehair striaght bob wig 12inch by @princesskooch

Hair: straight bob wig 12"

@celiehair deep wave lace front wig 24inch by @kamanijean

Hair: 13x4 deep wave wig 24"

Hair is still soft after washing , straightens very good and has a very gorgeous curl pattern when wet and at natural state I LOVVVVVE my hair! Not a lot of shedding when I made my wig I am very impressed being the prices are so good by @_livelovebrie

Hair: body wave 26" 26" 26" with 20"

she wanna get dressed and go flex when they play her song now by @charleenforever

Hair: deep wave 26" 26" 28" with 22"

Love this cute look ^•^ Hair Brazilian Body Wave 360 Wig 24inch 180 density by @_shawnyyyyyyy__

Hair: 360 body wave 24"

When the purple borderline looks pink@celiehair 18 18 18 with 18 Lace Closure by @theokaekaela

Hair: loose deep 18" 18" 18" with 18"

Real Hot Girl Shit Hair by @celiehair Custom colored by me by @lesleymarie1213

Hair: blonde straight 22" 24" 24" with 20"

pre-colored bob lace wig 10inch by @salome.emani

Hair: yellow straight bob wig 10"

Get into this install !! 5x5 Closure install by @glowup.essencials

Hair: body wave 12" 14" 16" with 10" 5x5 closure

PINKTOBER When your brand is about to take tf off! @celiehair 12”pink bob lace wig unit by @kreative_hands_

Hair: blonde straight bob wig 10"

This bob is so fire Hey girl Hey Hair: @celiehair and a new tutorial just went up on all the details ! Link in bio by @msmercc

Hair: straight bob wig 10"