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Something You Need To Know About Headband Wig?

Nowadays, more and more women prefer to choose lace wig to improve their appearance. However, more and more wigs are appeared in the market, what should they choose has become a promble. If you are looking for a wig for your new look, here is a new arrival lace wig suit for you. Headband wig, do you know what is headband wig? How to use the headband wig? Follow us then you will get the answer.

What is headband wig?

Headband wig we called it half wig as well, it used to cover the thin hair or want to change the hairstyle what you want. There is not lace on the wig. Instead of there is an elastic band in the forehead, you can quick install the wig within few mins. Totally effortless install.

The unique feature of headband wig.

The headband wig is light when you install it. You won’t feel very hot. Headband wig won’t disturb the breath of your own scalp as the wig cap we used the quality material. It’s feel light and breathable. Due to it used the adjustable band in the front, it can hold behind your head stably. Never worried the headband wig will fall out when you dance or do sports. The wig is durable and easy to wash it.

Something you need to before your order headband wig

1.Choose the right cap size for your head. It has adjustable band in the back. Then never fall out.
2.Choose the high quality for the hair, there are two difference materials for headband wig, one is synthetic hair the other one is virgin human hair. If you want durable and quality headband wig, remember choose the human hair headband wig.
3.All the wigs have the life span. You can change the wig in a time. Otherwise, the hair problems will come.
4.Wearing lace wig it won’t damage your own hair. But you still need to clean your own natural hair under the wig.

How to care your headband wig?

If you want your headband wig longer, you need to spend your time to care for it.

1.First brush your headband wig regularly, you would better use the metal comb.
2.Use the wild water and wild shampoo to wash it.
3.Use the dry towel to remove the water from the wig.
4. Once your wig is dry again then brush the wig again.
5. If you have the argan oil or something to keep the moisturiz, you can apply it on the hair.
6. Hang your wig on the wig hack when you do not use it.
7. Some hair styling tools (such as hair dryers, hair straighteners) are not friendly to headband wigs human hair, because regular and constant use of tools might lead to wear-tear of hair wig.

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