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The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than with a touch of glamour and style? Join the festivities with Celie Hair’s exclusive Christmas sale, offering up to $100 off on our exquisite Pre-Bleached Knots Wigs. Dive into the spirit of giving and treat yourself or your loved ones to a stunning transformation that will turn heads this holiday season.

Christmas sale extravaganza: Save up to $100! 🎄

This festive season, Celie Hair is unwrapping incredible savings just for you. Enjoy up to $100 off on our premium Pre-Bleached Knots Wigs, making it the perfect time to indulge in the ultimate beauty upgrade.

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Discover the magic of Celie Hair’s pre-bleached knots wig: Your quick guide.

Product spotlight: Pre-Bleached Knots Straight HD Lace Closure Wig 180% Density 6×5 Pre-cut Lace Wear & Go Glueless Wig

1. Pre-Bleached Knots for a natural & realistic look.

Experience hair perfection with our Pre-Bleached Knots, ensuring a seamless blend that looks effortlessly natural and realistic.

2. New tech C-shape ear match for maximum comfort.

Enjoy unparalleled comfort with the innovative C-Shape Ear Match technology, designed to provide a snug fit for a more enjoyable wearing experience.

3. Pre-cut lace for time-saving & beginner-friendly application.

Say goodbye to tedious preparations! Our Pre-Cut Lace feature makes styling a breeze, saving time and making it ideal for beginners.

4. Put on & go in 3 seconds right out of the box.

Embrace convenience with our Wear & Go design. Simply put on your Pre-Bleached Knots Wig, and you’re ready to shine in just three seconds, right out of the box.

5. Pre-plucked natural & clean hairline.

Achieve a flawless look with a pre-plucked natural hairline, enhancing the overall elegance of your hairstyle.

6. 3D dome cap: Stretchy & breathable.

Our 3D Dome Cap ensures a comfortable fit, with stretchy and breathable materials that let you enjoy your Pre-Bleached Knots Wig all day long.

7. No glue, no gel: Easy off, easy on.

Experience hassle-free beauty with our glueless design. No mess, no fuss – just effortless beauty that’s easy to put on and take off.

Product specifications: Your path to perfection.

Wig style: Upgrade 6×5 wear go wig

Lace type: Swiss HD Llce, soft & durable

Hair texture: Straight

Density: 180%

Hairline: Pre-plucked with natural hairline

Hair material: 100% virgin hair from one donor

Hair color: Natural black

Can be dyed: Yes

Cap size: Average size (22.5 Inch) adjustable strap

Delivery: USA (3-4 Days), others (5-7 Days)

Why choose us?

Choose Celie Hair, and elevate your hair experience to unmatched heights. As a trailblazer in the hair industry, Celie Hair stands proudly as a top manufacturer, boasting a legacy that dates back to our establishment in 1993. Our unwavering commitment revolves around delivering premium quality virgin human hair to cater to the discerning needs of large traders and wholesalers. Traditionally, the journey of hair products involves a cascade of intermediaries, from manufacturers to wholesalers and finally to retailers, resulting in exorbitant prices that often leave customers astonished. Celie Hair disrupts this norm by directly connecting with customers through our online shopping mall since 2013.


We understand the challenges faced by wholesalers who navigate the online market in search of affordable hair without compromising quality. Celie Hair emerges as the transformative solution, bridging the gap between reasonable prices and exceptional quality. Our online presence has made Celie Hair the intelligent choice for thousands of women seeking affordability without sacrificing excellence. Data and statistics speak volumes, with a staggering 70% of our customers recommending us to their inner circles or returning for additional orders. Wholesalers, a critical link in the distribution chain, overwhelmingly choose Celie Hair as their sole supplier (excluding select custom products). The driving force behind this loyalty is the undeniable fact that our excellent quality hair translates into tangible business success for them.


At Celie Hair, we offer a diverse range of styles, including body wave, deep wave, curly hair, loose wave, wet wavy, kinky straight, and more – each exuding charm and sexiness. Our hairstyles are more than just accessories; they are constant companions on your journey to beauty. When you choose Celie Hair, you’re not just selecting a product; you’re opting for a transformative experience that combines affordability, quality, and unparalleled style. Join the legion of satisfied customers who have made Celie Hair their go-to destination for luxurious, yet accessible, hair solutions.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) and common concerns about pre-bleached knots wigs.

As the popularity of pre-bleached knots wigs continues to rise, we understand that you may have questions and concerns. Here’s a comprehensive guide to address the most common inquiries:

1. What are pre-bleached knots?

Answer: Pre-bleached knots refer to a wig customization process where the knots securing the hair to the lace are lightened or bleached to mimic the appearance of natural hair follicles. This technique helps create a more realistic and seamless look when the wig is worn.

2. Are pre-bleached knots safe for the hair?

Answer: Yes, the pre-bleaching process is safe for the hair. It involves carefully treating the knots on the lace, not the actual hair strands. Quality pre-bleached knots are executed with precision to ensure the integrity of the wig.

3. Can I dye a pre-bleached knots Wig?

Answer: While most pre-bleached knots wigs come in a natural black color, they can be dyed if desired. However, it’s recommended to consult with the wig supplier or follow specific care instructions to avoid any damage to the wig during the dyeing process.

4. Do pre-bleached knots require special maintenance?

Answer: Pre-bleached knots wigs don’t require significantly different maintenance compared to regular lace wigs. However, it’s crucial to follow care instructions provided by the supplier. Gentle handling, proper washing techniques, and storage will contribute to the longevity of the wig.

5. Are pre-bleached knots beginner-friendly?

Answer: Yes, pre-bleached knots wigs are considered beginner-friendly. The pre-bleached knots and pre-plucked hairline reduce the customization required, making it easier for those new to wearing wigs. Many of these wigs also come with pre-cut lace, further simplifying the application process.

6. How long does a pre-bleached knots wig last?

Answer: The lifespan of a pre-bleached knots wig depends on various factors, including the quality of the wig, maintenance, and frequency of wear. Generally, high-quality wigs, when well-maintained, can last for several months to a year or more.

7. Can I sleep or swim with a pre-bleached knots wig?

Answer: It is not recommended to sleep or swim with a pre-bleached knots wig. Sleeping in a wig may cause tangling, and exposure to chlorine or saltwater can damage the hair. Always remove the wig before engaging in activities that may compromise its integrity.

8. How do I choose the right density for a pre-bleached knots wig?

Answer: The density of a wig refers to the thickness of the hair. The choice of density is a personal preference. Higher density wigs (such as 180%) provide a fuller look, while lower density wigs offer a more natural appearance. Consider your desired look and comfort level when selecting density.

9. Can I part the hair anywhere on a pre-bleached knots wig?

Answer: Yes, one of the advantages of pre-bleached knots wigs is that they typically allow for versatile parting. You can usually part the hair anywhere on the wig, giving you the flexibility to create different styles.

10. How do I secure a pre-bleached knots wig?

Answer: Pre-bleached knots wigs are often designed with adjustable straps and combs for secure attachment. Adjust the straps to fit your head comfortably and use the combs to anchor the wig in place. Additionally, some individuals use wig glue or tape for extra security.

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This Christmas, let Celie Hair be your go-to destination for exquisite beauty and unbeatable savings. Don’t miss out on the joy of adorning yourself with the finest Pre-Bleached Knots Wigs – it’s time to shine brighter than ever!

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