Can I Sleep With My Transparent Lace Wig At Night?

Every girl will meet the same problem should I take down my lace wig at night? Nowadays, people have the higher requirement of beauty. Most of them choose installed one hd transparent lace front wig to improve their own appearance. However, most of the girl does not move off their own transparent lace wig from their head at night as it will take the time to install in the next morning or they want to show the best to their husband. Today, we will teach you some skills about sleeping with your transparent lace wig at night.

We all know that if we loosen the hair out, it will increase the friction with the pillow at night. It will be damaged the hair and make you human hair lace wig looks frizzy. Sometimes you will be wondered that can I tie up my hd lace wig at night when I sleep? We will give you the answer, yes of course, you can sleeping with you transparent lace wig tied up to protect your human hair wigs. Following, we will give you some tips about how to sleeping with transparent lace wig tied up.
First use one wide tooth comb your lace wig and make sure your hair become smooth. Then you can apply some argon oil or olive oil one your lace frontal wig. Please remember to choose the high-quality hair products, the poor hair products it will damage your hair and reduce the life span of your hd lace wig. In order to relax your scale, you massage your scale gently by your finger. Be sure be gentle when you massage your scale. We usually said the transparent lace wig just like our own hair due to it can provide us the most natural look. However it just the human hair lace wig indeed.

Second find one silk rubber to tie your hair, any rubber will make your ponytail tight when you are sleep or any movement will stretch your hairline which will make your virgin human hair fall out. Choose one silk rubber to reduce the friction. Use the silk rubber tie one low ponytail. Do not tie the ponytail in the middle of your head due to it will be affecting your sleeping, you can tie it up in the side part or in the front of your head. After your 13×4 transparent lace front wig is tied, you can use one silk wig cap to cover your whole head. No matter what texture you installed, deep wave lace front wig, straight lace front wig, body wave lace front wig or others. Wearing one silk wig cap can prevent the friction and help you transparent lace front wig can keep smooth and healthy.

The last and the most important point, you have the take down your lace wig from your head after wearing it for about 1-2 weeks. Then do the deeper clean and maintain your transparent lace wig. If you do not have to do it, you can go to the hair salon, let the professional hairstylist help you do it. You may need to pay some fee about it, but it will help you keep your hd transparent lace wig last longer.

You must get the answer how to sleeping with your lace wig at night? If you have any good suggestions about it, welcome to leave the comment below.

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