How to bleach knots on your lace front wig?

If you are unfamiliar with lace front wig, you may be asking why should we bleached knot of the lace wig. Bleached knot which applying to bleach your lace closure or lace frontal part on your lace wig. Why people would like to bleach knots? I believed that most of people the knots on the top that is so obvious that looks so unreal. However, if you do the bleach knots on your lace wig, you can obtain the natural look.

Tools you may need: the bleaching powder, developers, The aluminum foil, bowl, brush, blow dryer, T-pins, model head.

How to bleach knot step by step.

Step 1. Pour some bleach into a mixing bowl. If you are using the same bleach in one time, please pack it in a small bag, please do not pour out all the bleach because the lace forehead or lace front wig does not require all the bleach. Then pour some of the developer into the bleach. You use a sticker to stir it gently. You want the bleach mixture to be thick, so when you apply the mixture to the sealant, the bleach will not penetrate. If bleaching penetrate through lace, you might bleach the roots of your hair accidentally. If you do want that, make sure the mixture to be thick.

Step 2. You can apply your lace wig on the model head, if you do not want to make you model head dirty, you can put a piece of aluminum foil under the lace part in front. If it has the baby hair on your human hair lace wig, you can clip it up make sure it won’t affect your work for bleaching the knots.

Step 3: Using a brush pats the bleaching onto the lace gently, make sure all the lace part on your lace wig has the bleaching on it. After you finished the applying, you can turn your lace front wig back, then use a piece of aluminum foil to cover it. You can check it frequently to see whether the knots color has to begin to change. Normally I checked it every 5-7mins. It can finish all the processed within 25 mins. That will be what product you use. If you use 20 developers, it maybe will take longer. If you choose 40 developers, it will be process faster. Personally I recommend you can choose 40 developers.

Step 4: Please be patience for the bleaching until the knots on the lace wig is no longer noticeable. Then you can use the warm water to wash the lace of your lace wig gently.

Step 5: After you clean the bleaching on the lace closure or lace frontal. You can apply the shampoo on the lace closure or lace frontal for about 5-10 mind. Then use the warm water remove it. After you that you apply your lace front wig on the model head or flat the lace wig on the dryer towel let it air dry.

Step 6: If you noticed that there is still little unbleached knots, you can use the twitter to remove it. Then method can be used on lace closure or lace frontal as well.
However, recently hd lace wig is appeared, if you do not want to do this complex matter, you can purchase hd lace front wig or transparent lace wig directly.

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