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How to Color the Wig by Water-Method

With the development of aesthetics, ordinary hair color has been unable to meet the needs of the public, more and more women in pursuit of fashion will dye their hair in a variety of colors. You or water dyeing can call it the water-method is a simple and fast method for hair dyeing. I’ll teach you how to dye your wig at home in this simple and fast way. It should be stated in advance that there is no way to dye black hair. It must be bleached before you dye it.

Steps for water method & caring:

1. Prepare a big bowl that will be enough for you to soak your wig in. If you would like to dye a long length hair wig, over 20 inches, you need to get a big bowl because of the high volume of the hair, if you would like a short hair wig, the medium-size bowl would be ok. Pour in hot water to the bowl. Dilute it with the hair dye corresponding to the color you want to dye. Stir it evenly with a spoon.
2. Reduce the temperature of water (excessive water temperature will damage the quality of virgin hair and reduce their service life.). Soak the wigs evenly until the wigs are completely colored.
3. Take out the wig and rinse it with clean water. Touch it gently (don’t rub it hard, it will hurt the wig.). Rinse it again and again till the water goes to clean to avoid the chemistry left to your human hair wigs hair strings to make your scalp healthy.
4. Fill the bowl with warm water and add conditioner to dissolve it. Then soak the wig for 20-30 minutes. Dilute the water on the shelf with a towel and dry it naturally.
5. Do shampoo it before you begin wearing it. Use an honest conditioning wash and let it hang to dry. Once dry, be happy to flat iron, curl or style the hair as was common. Also remember to deep condition your human hair wig once a month to stay it lustrous, shiny, and healthy.
6. Don’t skip out on wash day. Albeit nobody is going to be ready to see your real hair underneath the cap, it’s still important to shampoo, condition, and moisturizes your hair as you normally would.
7. Don’t neglect your hairline. Wig caps protect your hair under wigs and keep your hair flat in order that the wig doesn’t look bulky, but they will cause breakage or dryness along the hairline. To stop damage to your edges, slide the ski cap behind the ear.

Every wig needs careful care. When wigs are not used, they should be stored in breathable bags. The packaging bags used for delivery are very good. And when wigs are live unused, they should be kept in a dry place to make your hair wig a longer use time. That is really important for caring for your 100% human hair wigs in daily life.

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