How to Cut a Lace Front Wig

When you get a lace front wig, you wish to chop the front fringe of it. It’s fairly easy to chop a line with slight curves for your hairline. You furthermore mght ought to pluck the front hairline to form some variation to form the wig wanting natural and well-favored.

1. Cutting the Lace off the Front Edge

Put a wig on a wig for cutting. A wig head could be a formed head wherever you’ll be able to store wigs or work. it is easy to chop the lace off a wig. Use sharp scissors to chop a neat line. The chiseler your scissors, the additional possible you’re to urge an excellent, clean line. Cut the siloxane band close to the hairline. Some laces have a siloxane band around them which will be hooked up to the edges of the hairline. If you do not cut it close to the hairline, it’ll show up once you are carrying a wig. Cut the remainder of the lace round the hairline. From the sideburns, cut the lace on the line of the wig. keep on the point of the hairline and do not cut fine hairs.

lace front wig

2. Plucking the Wig

Wet your hair and divide it into 3 sections. Cut your hair back to these areas. Part the primary line of hair. Place the tip of the rat tail comb beneath the primary row of hair, from temple to sideburns. This row ought to be solely 3-6 hairs thick.Undo all the hair, and so clip everything back, aside from the primary row you simply left. Remove the remainder with tweezers. Along the row you simply cut, pull out some hairs at a time, regarding 3-6 at a time. Pull your hair out of the new row you have drawn. Use tweezers to tug out the remainder of the row, family planning 3-6 hairs at a time. Occasionally pull out on the hairline and move the hairline back and forth to assist add a lot of selection.Use your tweezers to tug out alittle piece of hair here and there. Don’t stay in one place too long, as you may cause vacant areas.

lace front wig
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