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How to Dye a Lace Wig by Yourself

We all know that the 100% human hair made lace wigs or hair products is straightforward to dye relatively than the synthetic material fake wigs. You dyestuff works for the human hair lace wigs with little question, you’ll use an equivalent hair coloring, an equivalent developer, or maybe an equivalent tool to dye your human hair products, your lace closures, your lace wigs, or your hair bundles, a bit like your normal hair. Just mix your dye and gently apply it on to the lace wig. Wash your wavy or straight lace wigs after dyeing and keep them clean and glossy.

lace wig

Step 1. Mixed dyes

hoose a standard hair coloring for your lace wigs. You’ll buy hair of any color at the pharmacy. However, remember that you simply should only dye the hair of your lace wigs black or darker than the first color of it. Don’t attempt to lighten your hair color, because bleaching agents in light hair can make it lighter on wigs. Please don’t use hair dyes to your 100% human hair made lace frontal wigs. Use only hair dyes. Find a 20-roll hairspray. The lower volume could also be too weak. A 20-volume developer is enough. Wear rubber gloves. Once you mix dyes and developers during a plastic bowl, gloves can protect your skin from the irritation and dyeing left by dyes. Read the instructions on your dyes to ascertain what percentage dyes you ought to combine with developers.

Step 2. Applied dyes

Test the dyes on a couple of strands of hair. If you wish the color, apply it to the remainder of the wig. If you do not like this color, try different colors of hair dyes. Soak your wig in the dye. Put the wig within the bowl with the dye. Use your hand to softly scoop the dye onto the wig then apply it on all levels of the wig. It’s gentle. Try to not brutally apply hair coloring to wigs. Comb your hair, and you can use a big comb to detangle your lace frontal wigs human hair strings. Confirm the dye is applied evenly throughout the wig. When it reaches the proper color, you’ll wash it.

coloring human hair wig

Step 3. Washing hair

Shampoo wigs. Use Color-safe shampoo or a special wig shampoo. Put the wig under the faucet, rinse with warm water, remove the surplus dye, then use shampoo to foam the wig. Rinse the shampoo after washing. Apply conditioner to the highest of the wig. This may make your wig shinier. Avoid using any conditioner near the basis of your wig, otherwise, your hair may fall off. Clean conditioner with cold or warm water. Dry your hair with a towel. Gently squeeze the wig with a towel to get rid of excess moisture. Let the wig dry. You’ll let it air-dry naturally, otherwise you can turn down the quantity with a hand blower. you furthermore may curl your hair after hair drying.

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