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How To Maintain & Care for your Loose Wave Hair?

No matter the hair of texture, color or style, almost everyone wants a beautiful hairstyle and looks perfect, right?But maintaining a beautiful hair curls requires meticulous care and routine. So what can we do?

we know that you seldom have time to go to the hair salon for deep hair conditioning and professional hair style, so we consulted with professional hair stylists in the industry and summarized some tips that can help you complete a beautiful loose wave hair style at home, which is very convenient and feasible.There have six tips help you maintain more beautiful loose wave hair style.

Hydration is the key

Cowash and condition on a regular basis,the thing you have to remember with your hair is that even though it is unprocessed virgin human hair,the fact of matter is this virgin hair not our own hair,no longer on someone’s body,so the hair cant recieving those nutrients in the hydration.so you have to give this hair that hydration ,you must have a question “how to do that ?” You need wash and conditioning your hair  at least once a week.You probably just wash your hair with some shampoo,but definitly you conditioner the hair and rehydrating the hair at least once a week,if you can do that ,your hair not become dry,not tangle.hair bundles

Conditioning Loose Wave Hair Extensions

After you wash your hair, be sure to use plenty of moisturizing conditioner. Use a wide-toothed comb to distribute conditioner. Then rinse thoroughly. This kind of method can undertake deep to the hair nurse, give a hair compensatory nutrition and moisture, make the hair looks smoother, have burnish, the expert suggests every 2-3 weeks undertake deep to the hair protect hair, can help prolong hair service life effectively.

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Minimize heat

Please reduce the use of heater and ironing, because heat is wool scales have a lot of damage to the hair,in order to prolong the service life of the hair, so i recommend using a flexi rods or some type of sponge roller ,these are actually pretty cool and simple tool,use this achieve these loose curls ,the curls in hair will last a very long time ,and creat loose wave pattern is more looser and bouncy,so we suggest after you wash hair please use flexi rods or roller curl it,dont use hair iron frequently.

Detangle daily

When you get home at night, you must detangle your hair. Whether you wear a wig or sew-in, the best way is to take it off. Because the hair rubs against our clothes and sheets, it will generate static electricity. It will make the hair easy to tangle and mess.After take it off,dont throw it in the corner,please comb your hair with wide tooth comb,when you next use this wig,the hair is ready.If you want to sleep wear your hair or wig ,you can use 2 small roller take it and twist it roll it like a ponytail.

Oil is the secret weapon

Hair conditioners may have a miracle effect on your hair, but oils provide certain minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids that not only strengthen your hair roots, but also promote the overall health of your hair. Coconut oil is the most recommended for hair experts and moms! It protects your hair from the sun, dandruff and sebum removal from the hair follicles to speed up hair growth. You can also cook some curry leaves with coconut oil, filter off the oil and apply it. You can also use hibiscus flowers instead of curry leaves.

Cover your hair

Cover your hair ,what’s it means? Whatever you wear a wig or you have a sew-in,when you are on bed please make sure your hair covered up .if you can sleep with rollers is best choice,or you can literrally your hair, it can protect your hair without drying . if you dont like this way ,at least sleep with like a silk pillow ,it can help your hair not to dry out.

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Maintaining Loose Wave Bundles

You’re worried that your hair won’t stay in good shape all day, so you want to keep combing your hair, but you should stop combing your hair multiple times. Just leave it alone and let it look pretty. Remember – virgin hair cuticles are not attached to a scalp so they will not be getting any of the natural oils and nutrients your scalp would normally give your real hair.

Let your hair air-dry

Let your hair dry naturally instead of drying it with a hair dryer or roller. Using this artificial drying technique will make your hair scales more fragile and dry. If you don’t have time to let your hair dry naturally, use blow-dryer sparingly and make sure you are using a warm environment rather than a hot environment.

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Hopefully this tips can help you,welcome to leave a comment down below,if there are any hair care tips you’d like share please contact us!

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