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How To Revive Your Old Wig To Look New

How will deal with you old wigs? Throwing it into rubbish directly ? and they buy a new one? We all know that human hair wig are expensive. Stop throwing your old wigs and spend your money on the new wigs, today, we will teach you a method how to revive your old wig and make your wig looks gorgeous again?

Step 1 Detangling the hair

First you need one paddle brush and brush the hair matted. Make sure the hair is smoothly, you can place your wig on one Mannequin head, you can see where is the hair matted clearly, use the paddle brush brush it carefully from one section to another until finished whole head.

Step 2 Clean the wig

After you detangling the hair by paddle brush, it’s time to clean the dirt on the wig, you can use the cold water soak the wig. then apply some co-wash cleaning conditioner on the wig. Use the hand comb the hair, make sure all conditioner soak into the wig completely. Then use the sprayer to get most of the co-wash the hair out. Then remaining and co-wash the hair out. After you co-washing the hair, put the wig on the dry towel and use the comb detangling the hair.

Step 3 do deep condition on the wig

We recommend use argan oil or olive oil to let the hair moisturizing. We use cantu natural hair conditioning just to make the hair extra moisturize. After smoothing conditioner through the hair, let the wig set about 15mins. After 15mins, rise the wig off again and blow dry the wig.

Step 4 Bring the human to softness 

Now it’s time to bring the wig back to softness! Pin the wig on the Mannequin head then use the clips and clip most of the hair on the top. Use the brush comb the bottom hair lightly and then use the flat iron straighten it or style it. After you finished this section then go ahead do the next section. After you finished all head, spray the conditioner. It bring out to a gorgeous look just like the new human hair wig.

This method is so easy to do it. It not only give a wig which looks great but also you can saved the money.

Any questions feel free comment below.

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