How to Style a body wave headband wig?

Body wave headband wigs are one of the most well received hairstyles for African American ladies, because they give you charming personality. When braided into a body wave, the entire hair forms a consistent deep S shape, and the original wavy shape also gives the hair a shiny feeling and appearance. This article will show you how to install and design body wave human hair headband wigs.

How to install your headband wig?

Get your hair ready

You can braid your hair into small, neat braids and wrap them around your head. Make sure your natural hair is flat. Next, pull the ponytail into a horizontal bun and fix it with a hairpin.

Install the headband wig

No glue is needed, it can be done in a few minutes. Just fix the headband on you head that should work. Before installation, it’s best to tie the real hair and headband wig into a big bundle, which can protect your headband wig from damage during installation.

How to design a body wave headband wig?

Wet your hair to make it easier to set.

Wet setting is the best method for roller setting and perm bar setting. Styling and lotion are usually used to wet hair and make it smooth. From there, you can either sit under the air dryer to dry, and the style is finished. Remember to be gentle.

Use hair dryer and curling iron correctly.

Moisturize hair with styling products that match the hair texture. To form a loose, elastic curl, please cut your hair into long, layered layers. Dry your hair, tighten your hair with your fingers, and let the nozzle of the hair dryer fall. Starting from the face, roll up two inches of waves with a one-inch curling iron. Remove the hair from your face and keep the perm stick at a 45-degree angle.

Fix your hair with a hairpin.

A section of hair on the top of the head is permed with a curling iron and fixed with a clip. Perm all your hair in this way. Finally, take out the clip and you will get the body wave headband wig you want.

  • highlight wig with skunk strip glueless wig (2)
    Glueless Loose Body Wave Highlight With Skunk Stripe Short Bob Wig Pre-Cut 6×5 Hd Lace
  • honey blonde ready to go glueless wig (5)
    Glueless Honey Blonde Bob Wig Loose Body Pre-cut 6×5 Hd Lace 180% Density Pre-bleached Knots
  • bouncy water upgrade 6x5 wear go wig (1)
    Upgrade 6×5 Pre-cut Lace Bouncy Water Wear Go Wig 180% Density C-shape Ear Fit
  • mid length curly human hair wig wear go glueless
    Mid-length Curly Bomb Look 9×6 Parting Max Wear Go Glueless Wig Short Cut Wigs 180% Density
  • 9x6 water wave wear go wig
    9×6 Parting Max Water Wave Pre-cut Lace Wear Go Glueless Wig Pre-bleached Knots 180% Density
  • Deep Wave Wear Go Wig (1)
    9×6 Parting Max Deep Wave Pre-cut Lace Wear Go Glueless Wig Pre-bleached Knots 180% Density
  • deep wave silk base wear go wig (2)
    Silk Base Deep Wave Wear Go Wig Upgrade 6×5 Pre-cut Hd Lace 180% Density
  • silk base straight wear go wig (2)
    Silk Base Straight Wear Go Wig Upgrade 6×5 Pre-cut Hd Lace 180% Density
  • blonde highlight loose body wave wig(1)
    Honey Blonde Highlight Loose Body Wave Wig Upgrade Pre-cut 6×5 Hd Lace Wear Go Wig 180% Density
How to choose the most suitable color headband wig for you?

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