Learn How To Custom Color For Blonde Deep Parting Lace Wig

More and more customer would like to choose lace wig. Due to lace wig is more convenit installed and can do any style. In this summer, Blonde lace wig is the hot sale products. It can be bleached and colored what ever you want. How to custom color for blonde lace wig.

What is the Deep Parting Lace Wig? 

We all know 13*4 lace front human wig that is the most popular human hair wigs in the hair market. That is made by lace front with hair bundles. However Deep parting lace wig which will have more deeper part. It will be more flexible for you to part your hair. It makde by 13*6 lace front with bundles. We called deep parting lace wig.

How to custom color for your blonde lace wig ?

Step1. Prepare the tools

Creative image Adore 1 bottle of Emerald 168 (dark blue)& TWO bottles of Jade 195(light blue) , two mixing bowls Gloves, two applicator brushes Comb/hair clips,Flat iron of your choice(I used hot tools ceramic 1in IC fantasia heat protector spray Cling adhesive. One quality Blonde deep parting lace wig

Step 2. Mixed the color and trim your lace wig

Pour the prepared color into the bowl and stir it with a brush to make it more uniform. Apply the blonde lace wig on one Mannequin head. Use wide-tooth comb it and make sure there is no knots. Spray moisturizing oil on the this wig.

Step 3. Divide hair into sections

If your blonde wig is long inch, you can divide the hair into 4 parts or even more parts. Divide the upper part of the hair into two halves, turn each half of the hair into a bun, and then fix the bread with a hair band or hair clip. Next, divide the bottom of the hair into two halves and cover each half on each shoulder. If you have short hair, you don’t need to separate your hair.

Step 4. Coloring your blonde lace wig

Choose a hair roots to start with and then separate 1 to 2 inches (2.5 to 5.1 centimeters) of hair from it. Immerse the dye brush in the dye, then brush the dye onto the hair from the root. Go down your hair. Ensure that each chain is fully saturated. Remember to wear gloves to avoid dirty skin. In the same way to finished other sections make sure all the hair is dyed .

Step 5: Leave the wig out for coloring

Use one shower cap covered your hair and wait for 20mins. It will helps the dying process can make the wig colored well.

Step 6: Washing and air dry

Put the dry out lace wig into the cool water. Be care do not use any shampoo to wash only the cool tap water. Then flat it on the desk and let the human hair wig air dry by itsself.

Do you have any special color want to color it ? you can follow the steps and do it. It will be a new look for yourself.

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