Tips for Slay Wig With Natural Hair

Lace Wigs made of 100% human hair, like our natural hair, get dirty over a long period of time.Even the best quality clothes you wear can look bad if you don’t maintain them properly.Therefore, good grooming and maintenance is very important to extend the life of the hair.It’s best to wash them every day or two. Here are some caring methods for lace wigs.

  1. Shampoo your hair before you start wearing it. Rinse with good conditioning water and let it dry. Once the hair is dry, it can be ironed, curled or set with an iron as usual. Remember to take deep care of your wig once a month to keep it shiny, shiny and healthy.
  2. Don’t slip out while doing the laundry.¬†Even if no one can see your real hair under the hat, it’s still important to wash, condition and moisturize your hair as you normally do.
  3. Don’t forget to take a break.While wigs are convenient, they can make us forget about our hair.Take time between wigs for regular cuts and deep treatments.Watch the hair below, or you’re violating the purpose of wearing a wig.
  4. Don’t neglect your hairline.Wig caps protect your hair under the wig and keep it flat so it doesn’t look bulky, but they can cause hairlines to break or dry.To prevent damage to your edges, slide the stocking cap behind your ears.Moisturize your edges, and if the wig has a comb or clip, put some oil on it to help.We suggest you choose lighter products such as coconut oil or glycerin.
  5. Do not use materials that will irritate your scalp.If you have a sensitive scalp, you may want to stay away from wigs with synthetic hair.Sensitivity to wig material can lead to excessive itching, burns, and scalp tenderness.
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