HD lace wig

What is HD Lace Wig?

Lace Wig is more and more popular among African women. Nowadays women have the high requirement on lace frontal wig? Not only make them pretty but also looks natural. Due to they do not want other know that they wear human hair lace wig. So Hd lace wig come out. Have you ever tried hd lace wig? Do you know what is hd lace wig? Today we will introduce the knowledge of hd lace wig.

What is hd lace wig?

Hd lace wig which is a kind of human hair lace wig. The biggest different with our common lace front wig is the lace color. Hd lace wig which made by transparent swiss lace. They are undetectable and invisible once you installed it on your head. Hd lace wig which is made by 100% virgin human hair with invisible lace cap. It can be styled in any way and do the part what you want.

The advantage of hd lace wig

Hd Lace wig which is called royal swiss lace. Hd means “high definition.” when you apply the hd lace wig on your head, the lace will be disappeared, no one can noticed that you wear human hair lace wig. Hd lace which is the thinnest lace so far. No matter your skin is lighter or darker, hd lace wig that will be best choice for choose.

Is the Hd Lace Wig Durable?

Hd lace which has the thinnest lace, however the lace is delicate. That is the best choice for a forehead. The hd lace is thin & durable, soft & invisible. Due to the hd lace is thin, that is easy to tear up. So when you apply your hd lace wig on and cut the lace, do it gently to your lace. You’d better avoid pull it again and again. Hd lace wig did look very pretty and popular with lace wig lovers, however it’s so vulnerable. So take care of your hd lace wig avoid it break up.

How maintain your lace wig? 

Be sure you clear all the gule on the lace when you wash your hd lace wig. Use the wide-tooth comb brush it from the top to end gently avoid the hair shedding. Put your hd lace wig into warm water or cold water. Apply the conditioner on the hair, pls pay attention to do not apply it on the root of the lace wig. Leave it within 3-5 mins, then use the warm water clean it. Dry your lace wig with a clean towel. You can put your hd lace front wig on model’s head or flat it on the towel let it air dry.

How to choose transparent Lace Wig and Hd Lace Wig?

In fact both transparent lace wig and hd lace wig can bring the very natural look with invisible lace wig. If you are wondering which one should you choose ? That will be up to your budget. If you have enough budgets, you can choose the hd lace wig that will looks real and natural. But if you do not have enough budgets, you can choose the transparent lace wig to achieve the same natural look results.

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