How To Care My Natural Hair Under Human Hair Lace Wig?

Human hair lace wig is popular all over the world. There are variety human hair wigs on the lace wig market. You can buy any hairstyle what you want to try. For black women the reason that they bought the human hair lace wig that is not only lace wig can make them more charming and give them the natural look but also human hair lace wig will help them to solve the hair problems like hair loss or hair tangled. Recently more and more man joined it and wore 100% human hair lace wig. However, we have to protect our own natural hair while you enjoy your new lace frontal wig. Today we will introduce how to protect your own natural hair whiling with lace front wig.

1.Care your natural before installed your lace wig.

Before apply your new lace front wig on. The point is taking care of your natural hair. Keeping your natural hair clean is the most important step. Use the quality shampoo, and the air conditioner washes it carefully and totally makes sure your natural hair is completely clean and dry. We all know that wet hair is easy to germinate bacteria under the wig cap. Natural hair should be totally dry and braid under the lace wig. If you have short hair, you can wear the wig cap directly, if your natural hair is a little long, we suggest that you can braid it then apply one wig cap.

2.Good skills at sews the wig.

When you decide to wear human hair lace wig, that will be very important to care you own natural hair. The most important you should choose top quality human hair lace wig. There are different lace wigs for your choice. Like full lace wig, 13×4 lace front wig, 13×6 lace frontal wig and 6×6 closure wig and 4×4 closure wig. The sewing skills are very important. It asks place the lace front seal in the correct position and sew the appropriate hair edge. It has good skill on sewing, it can protect your natural well, it you do not know how to do it, we suggest you can go to hair salon and let the professional hairstylist to do it.

3.The wig cap material

The most African girl knows that we have to wear wig cap when we applying lace wig on. However, most of them do not know that about the wig cap material it has the requirement. We would like to recommend you use one silky wig cap. Silk wig caps its soft and silky. Totally it will reduce the fruition between your natural hair with human hair lace front wig.

4.Removing your human hair lace wig and care your natural hair regularly

No matter how quality the human hair lace wig it is, it will provide much pressure on your own natural hair. So it is necessary to take down your lace front wig down and let your natural hair give a breath. We recommend you can remove your lace front wig from your head every 3 days if you think to remove the wig out from head everyday.

Do you have any other good methods to take care for your natural hair under your lace wig? Welcome to comment below.

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