How to maintain human hair wig in winter?

How to maintain human hair wig in winter

Ah, yes, winter in the southern hemisphere has already begun! Frostbite on toes and trouble with hair! For some people, this may be the most delightful time of the year, but for many of us, the sudden drop in temperature marks the beginning of a season full of frustrating bad hair days!

When we struggled with rain, snow, wind and sleet again, the essential oils and moisture in our hair were removed. The indoor weather forecast is not very good either! Turning on the knob of the central heating will make the hair look lifeless and lacking in luster. What’s worse, the hair will be brittle and easy to break.

Besides, cap hair is really a “thing”. The cold winter air and constantly taking off the cap may eventually damage the scalp. In addition, it inhibits the natural production of sebum and makes hair look smooth, shiny and plump.

Don’t even make us start from the static! This is a creepy horror story for hair. When you are fighting against the forces of nature, you are fighting against frizz hair. Winter wisps and flying strands are common complaints, as are split ends.

Stop the electrostatic lifting of hair on the head.

The fine lines falling off the top of your hair are an important signal that your hair is suffering from drying in winter, just like a scientific experiment is out of control. A quick suggestion for dry hair is to take a standard antistatic dryer sheet with you to avoid static parties on your head. Always keep it loose and enjoy instant static-free hairstyle. Although this option is effective, it is only a temporary solution. So, when it comes to hair care, particularly in dry winter, it’s better to find out the root cause than to fix it temporarily. Under these circumstances, it is essential to use high-quality hair conditioner and restore the original luster of hair. For a change, you can try a leave-in hair conditioner that doesn’t need cleaning. Its function is the same as that of ordinary hair conditioner.

Use deep conditioning mask every week.

When dealing with dry and damaged hair, weekly hair masks can make a big difference, just as weekly masks are important for safe and flawless skin. Not only can they counteract the symptoms of dryness, but they are also an ideal protection measure to ensure that your hair is covered all year round and maintain the best health level. Hair care is a fast but powerful method that can add a lot of health benefits to hair in less than 20 minutes. Think of hair care films such as high-performance hair conditioner, which can soften and moisturize your hair, promote growth, increase luster and even fight scalp infection. Although for many hair problems, hair companies sell various styles of hair masks, you can even go directly to the kitchen cabinet and change the hair masks at home by yourself.

If you notice that your hair is too dry in winter, even if you have a weekly deep condition, you will want to run an extra mile and moisturize your hair overnight with hair oil or essence. The overnight essence can penetrate deep into hair and replenish water from inside, which is equivalent to the night cream of scalp. Coconut oil is a simple and cheap night treatment, which you can add to scalp and hair from root to tip. As oil enters dry hair faster than wet hair, please make sure to apply oil to dry hair. Before ending this chaotic night, put a towel on the pillow and wash your hair in the morning. You can see the immediate effect.

Choose a dark color for winter.

In this season, leave the white and gold tones where they belong, and welcome the darker winter tones. Dark hair is not only more popular in autumn and winter, but it also limits the number of days of hair bleaching in cool months, which is a notorious procedure for removing moisture from hair. If your ultimate goal in winter is to fight dryness and make your hair strong, smooth and healthy, then you won’t do any good to those full-head bleaches!

Try using hair glaze instead of dyeing your hair. This is a perfect method for dyeing and warming hair without the persistence of traditional dyes. At the top of the stratum corneum, the hair glazes the rest, and covers the hair with additional pigment to enhance the natural color of the hair, while adding beautiful luster and shimmer.

Hair care in winter is vital and a crucial step. It can determine the service life of human hair wig. I really hope that you can extract some useful information for your valuable human hair wig.

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