Tips To Successful Make A Wig Look Natural

For African women they wear human hair wig in all day. One natural and beautiful wig can makes you looks more charming. Do you know how to make you lace wig looks more natural when you installed? There is some secret skills, do you know it? In this article, we will tell you the tips about how to make your lace front wig looks natural successfully.  

Tips 1. Bleach Knots

When you got a new lace wig at the first time, usually it has slight bleach knot and little pre-plucked. You need to bleach the knots and pre-plucked the hairline by yourself. I recommend use 20 developer in bleach powder. bleaching your knots will give you that scalp cap like appearance when you go to part your wig and hide the knots that’s high at the base of the cap so you want to do this first.

Tip 2.Customize the Hairline

Once you reached out bleach knots, you are ready to customize your hairline. If you are satisfied with the hairline that comes with your lace wig, you do not do this step. If you not you need to  tweeze out a bit hair out of your lace wig around the hairline to makes it looks more natural when you apply it. Part your baby hair section away and tweeze the hair behind baby hairs. Make sure you tweeze two or three hair then move to the next section. Do not stay one section too long as it will create bald spots. Do it gently and takes your time, it will be worked.

Tip 3 Your own technique to apply the wig

It usually takes about years to find a good way to deal with your own hairline. Of course practice makes perfect. The more you applying your wig the perfect you will done it. The most important thing you have to got quality human hair lace wig.
The words can not let you understand it clearly, you can check the video, it will show you how to do it in detailed and you can get the point well, here is the link:

She is so professional and done a good job on applying lace wig. her skills is excellent. Have you got it ? do you want to try it by yourself? Got to check the website and get your new lace wig for yourself and try to apply it by yourself. I believed that you will get a good job like MsPreciousMarie. Any questions about human hair wig, feel free comment below.

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