How to do a Deep side part with your lace front wig ?

Most of African girl usually do middle part on the lace front wig in daily. Have you ever try the deep side part? A deep part side can give you more volume and makes you more energy. In additional, it can make your hairstyle looks unique and different. Today, we will teach this skill how to do a deep side part with lace wig.

Step 1: Deciding your part position
First you need to know where you are to deep part on your lace front wig. Then decide to part it.

Step 2: Got one lace wig can to do deep parting
You have one wig that can to do deep parting, usually 13×6 lace front wig and 6×6 lace wig and 360 lace frontal wig all is available to do deep parting

lace front wig

Step 3. Comb your hair to one side
If you usually do middle part or free part, you have to comb your hair to one side first. If you normally part you on the side, for the deep parting, you need to go it a little farther and deeper  than your normally do. Clip the hair in one side and let it far away from the roots.

Step 4. Line it up.
The best position for deep part hair should line up with the highest point of your eyebrow.
A deep hair part should line up with the highest point of your eyebrow. This will make your appearance look more delicate and clean. You can comb your hair to help you see the place that should begin from the highest point of eyebrow. You can start from the part a little further down. It will give our fashion look.

Step 5. Try to do it with both side
You can try to do the deep part side in both side, you will find that one side will looks more natural and suit you perfectly. Then you can decide to do one side part in daily.

Step 6. Trim straight sections with a comb.
You can use the comb to make the part and make sure that make the part straight. Take the corner of the comb and drag it up in a straight line through the hair, then separate the hair to one side .

Step 7 .Let your hair fall on your face.
If your face is round, let your hair run through part of your face. In other words, when you let your hair down, don’t just brush it back or back. Let it frame your face. This will make your face clearer

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