Why do you need to care for headband wigs?

People with headband wigs may all have the same problem: how to maintain the headband with wigs? Headband is the key part of headband wig, and learning how to maintain it is very important for every headband wig owner. Protecting the headband can also effectively prolong the service life of the wig. I hope today’s article can give you some inspiration on how to maintain headband wigs.

Why do you need to care for headband wigs?

The headbands we use to make are all silk-like materials. Therefore, people should ensure that the headband always needs good care. Otherwise, improper care may cause holes in the headband or hair loss of the wig.

Causes of headband breakage and nursing tips of headband

1. Use the wrong shampoo

If the blond hair headband wig is often washed with purple shampoo, it may damage the hair and headband. So, we don’t recommend people to use it often. Purple shampoo contains chemicals harmful to headband and wigs. On the other hand, our blond hair headband wigs have very good color fastness, so you don’t need to use purple shampoo.

2. Headband wig hair knot overbleached

Most people bleach their hair knots when installing wigs to make their wigs look more natural. However, excessive rinsing will make your wig hair fragile. It can even make the hair roots of wigs fragile, and eventually lead to hair loss.

Our advice is that people should not bleach the knots of curling wigs. If you want to bleach knots, don’t over-rinse. Or you can find a professional hairdresser to help.

3. Bleaching and dyeing headband wigs hair

Most people like to use harsh chemical styling treatments, such as bleaching agents and colorants. They want more stylish hairstyles. But applying chemicals to wigs will definitely damage your wigs. Because all chemicals are harmful to hair. If you really need bleaching and dyeing, you need to take deep care of the wig regularly.

4.Long-term exposure and long-term soaking

If the sun is too strong, it is easy to get sunburned with wigs. You should avoid exposure to the sun for a long time. It’s best to wear a suitable sun hat to reduce the chance of sunburn caused by ultraviolet radiation.

5. Comb your hair too hard

Gently comb your hair with a wide-tooth hair brush. If you comb your hair too hard, it will easily fall off from the headband wig.

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