How to choose the best hair density of human hair headband wig?

Hair density refers to the hair thickness of wig. Wigs with different hair densities have different hair strands on the back. The more lines of the headband wig hair have, the thicker the wig.

How to choose the best hair density of headband wig?

There are some objective and subjective influencing factors on how to choose the best hair density of headband wigs. Such as the different of the hair textures, hair lengths, seasons and personal preferences.

1. The length of hair

Like headband wigs had better choose thinner hair density, and Bob wigs like 180% hair density or 250% hair density will make people look thick and heavy. On the other hand, long hair wigs can choose some wigs with thicker hair density.

2. Hair texture

Headband wigs with curls look fuller and thicker than headband wigs with straight hair. So when you decide to buy a classic straight hair headband wig, you can consider choosing some headband wigs with higher hair density.

3. The season difference

We all know that the temperature will changes great with the switch of the seasons, and different seasons have different hair density choices. Such as, it is more suitable to wear a thick headband wig in winter, because it is colder in winter than in summer. On the contrary, it is best to wear a thin headband wig in summer.

4. Personal preference

Different people have different feelings about the thickness of the headband wigs. You can choose the headband wigs that you like and make you feel most comfortable. This will suit you the most.

5. Please ask us for some advice.

If you still don’t know or can’t decide which hair density to choose, please contact us and we will provide sincere advice.

Tips for hair care with different hair densities

Different hair densities have their own suitable maintaining methods. If you buy a low-density headband wig, you need to pay more attention to hair loss. You need to learn how to avoid falling off and how to make your headband wig look fuller.

For high-density headband wigs, it may tangle more easily than low-density headband wigs. You can do some routine care, such as essential oil massage to make your hair silky.

No matter what kind of hair density headband wigs need routine care. Good hair care will make your headband wig soft, moist and shiny, and sometimes it can prolong its service life.

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