The difference between lace front and full lace wig

When you purchase a human hair lace wig, you may want to know what’s a lace front wig or what’s a full lace wig, what does they mean? I would show you the differences to you.

There are usually 4 inch deep part lace wigs or 5 inch deep part lace wigs, or 13×4 inch lace front wigs, there’s a deep part from the front to the middle of head in the lace wig.

When you flip into the inside of the lace wigs, you can see there’s hand-made lace area which is typically a little less expensive, at least than the full lace wig I think.

lace front wig

This is a free part lace front wig, if you’d like to create a side part or middle part for your lace wig, you can just tease some hair to the side part. Or you can comb all of the hair up to make a ponytail hair style for your summer time.

lace front wig

There are some same aspects for both of the full lace wigs and lace front wigs, such as, 4-5 combs inside, the elastic band in the back of the wigs, and the high-quality Swiss lace material used for this hair wigs, what makes them different is that the most of the area of the net is made by hand-tied Swiss lace for a full lace wig, so it’s more expensive than a lace front one. And the other thing is that, the new product transparent hd Swiss lace is hot in market, this kind of HD lace was made in both of the full lace wigs or in lace front wigs, everyone can choose the lace wigs they want to match their skin color tone.

 full lace wig
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The Difference Between Lace Front Wig And Full Lace Wig

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